February Favorites


A New Year's Resolution of mine was to increase my daily water intake. After experimenting with different products and apps to help fulfill this resolution, I found a solution I love enough to share: drinking from a stainless steel tumbler with a reusable straw. It's so simple, and yet the biggest game changer. Of course, I had to share it as a one of my February favorites!

I've shared my favorite tumbler below, along with some other February favorites. Let me know what you think!


Tea at the Boston Public Library


Being from New England, the cold is nothing new. Rather than letting it get in the way of things, you have to embrace it! It’s a great time to attend the events or programs your school is having or find one around the city.

This past weekend I went for tea at the Boston Public Library with my school. First of all, saying “you’re going for tea,” is just as fun to say as it is to do. Secondly, this is a hidden gem that not many people realize exists! Make sure to book a reservation beforehand. It’s easy to do by simply going on their website and filling out your information. They also host events and do group offerings so make sure to check that out!

Located in The Courtyard Restaurant, you walk through the map room café and enter a beautifully decorated large dining area. Even though the café and library are adjacent, the dining area has beautiful lighting fixtures and classy seating arrangements that make you feel as though you’re in a different atmosphere.


Once you’re all settled, you get to order your tea! There are so many delicious options that you can’t go wrong. I chose the pumpkin spice chai latte. Much to my surprise, we were served individual teapots filled with our own specific tea. You then place the strainer in your cup and pour! It takes “spilling the tea,” to a whole new level.


Then, the afternoon tea experience just continued.

For every four people, we shared a three-tiered food server. The first layer consisted of “savory tea sandwiches.” My personal favorite was the roasted Portobello mushroom & herbed goat cheese crostini. But there was also a lemony shrimp salad with fine herbes on brioche, a herbed chicken salad phyllo cup, a smoked salmon, cured onion & capers on pumpernickel, an English cucumber with citrus cream and lastly, prosciutto, fig jam with ricotta salata. The selections were beautifully arranged and exceptionally tasty.


Who would have thought such fancy foods could be so tasty?

That was only the first tier. The second tier included the Petit Fours, aka desert. There was a pumpkin spiced bundt cake, chocolate Sinclairs, apple crumble tartlet, white chocolate cranberry cookies, and macarons. It’s not possible to choose a favorite. Each macaron had a different flavor but, as a true coffee lover, I went for the coffee macaron. It was incredibly soft, delicious, AND actually tasted like coffee. The bundt cake came with a strawberry on top so I mixed it with the chocolate Sinclair and I’ve never been happier. The Sinclair was like the most delicious piece of fudge imaginable. (My mouth is currently watering).


Last but not least, the third tier. This was a good palette cleanser. There were two types of scones: plain & currant. There were three types of spreads: blood orange preserves, lemon curd, & Devonshire cream.  I couldn’t say no to the currant scone with blood orange preserves. It was a scrumptious ending to my afternoon tea at the Boston Public Library.


Afterwards, I finished off the afternoon by getting a library card. I highly recommend taking advantage of this if you have a Boston address. Not only can you use the beautiful BPL facilities, you can also access the library on your e-reader. If you need any book recommendations check out my previous blog post here

I hope you all get to experience afternoon tea at the Boston Public Library at least once. Until then, cheers!