Summer Essentials


It's official, summer is here!  The sun is shining, the days are longer, and moods become cheerier. Who doesn't love spending summer days at the beach with a good book?! If you're looking for some book inspiration, Reese Witherspoon has a book club, Hello Sunshine. You can find each months book selection at Barnes & Noble with the Reese's Book Club emblem on the front cover. I recently finished & loved The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory. Great choice, Reese! 

Long beach days = more reason for prepping and protecting your skin. Here are my summer essentials! 


The Essentials

1. Mia Prima Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush || Even though this has a higher price tag, it's the best purchase I've made in a LONG time. It's much better than washing your face with your handså because you're getting a deeper clean. You'll immediately feel the difference and after a week, my skin was cleared up. I swear by this product for everyone. Check back for soon for a more in depth post about this summer essential.

2. LANEIGE Lip Glowy Balm || Lip Sleeping Mask || I'm still not sure how to pronounce the brand's name, but I love this lip duo. The sleeping mask is amazing for before bed while the smaller one is great for on the go. Both have such a nice shine and slight tint that make protecting your lips this summer so much easier.

3. Brooklyn & Bailey Lash Next Door Mascara || I'm pleasantly surprised with how much I adore this mascara. It was made by a set of twin Youtubers! I loved their lashes and said why not? It's waterproof and won't flake after a long day. Plus, it makes my lashes longer than other mascaras. This is on the summer essentials list because sometimes, a little mascara is all you need to feel ready for the day.

4. St. Tropez Tanning Kit || The St. Tropez kit comes with a gradual tan lotion, bronzing mousse, and applicator mitt. I will be posting a self tanning routine later on, but for now this is my favorite self tanner. You get more for your dollar with this kit. After doing my research, I found that this was an overall fan fave and for good reason. You get the darkest for the longest period of time. Most importantly, it's not streaky.

5. Clear American — Available at Walmart || This summer, my goal was to start liking seltzer and sparkling water. Turns out, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I normally don't like carbonation, but Clear American isn't too strong. I LOVE the peach flavor.

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February Favorites


A New Year's Resolution of mine was to increase my daily water intake. After experimenting with different products and apps to help fulfill this resolution, I found a solution I love enough to share: drinking from a stainless steel tumbler with a reusable straw. It's so simple, and yet the biggest game changer. Of course, I had to share it as a one of my February favorites!

I've shared my favorite tumbler below, along with some other February favorites. Let me know what you think!


Fashion Week Favorites


Hey everyone! I'm a member of my school's chapter of Her Campus—an online magazine for college girls, written by college girls. It's been such a great opportunity to meet other students and it's what helped me gain the courage to start The Potpourri Blog. One of the best parts of the organization is all of the events. I recently attended one where Her Campus teamed up with Primark to host a college fashion week event in Boston! The event included free swag bags, a beauty bar, SO many photo ops, and a fashion show. The event was so fun and the swag was even better. I wanted to share with you my personal fashion week favorites. Check them out down below!Also, I was lucky enough to have my hair done at the Ulta Beauty bar. I asked to have a half up, half down look, but other than that, the stylist had free range. Look how ah-mazing it came out! As always, comment down below your thoughts and don't forget to subscribe!


Everyday Makeup


There's not enough time in the day to put on a whole face of glam every morning. However, most of us feel more awake and ready to go once we have a little makeup on. The easiest way to leave the house feeling like your best self, is to have a 10 minute makeup routine that's your everyday go-to. These are the products that I use for my everyday makeup routine and swear by!