4 Workout Classes You Need to Try


Exercising is one of my favorite activities. The clothing is super cute and I always feel so good afterwards. Although I enjoy going to the gym, I love to mix it up and try different classes. It's fun to be in a room full of people all there achieving the same goal. The loud music gets you hyped and it doesn't feel like your average workout. It can take some time to find the type of classes you prefer, but once you do, I promise you'll be addicted. The hardest part is sometimes finding the motivation to start. That's when it's time to bring in reinforcements! Grab a friend and try a few classes together. Since I love trying new things, I wanted to share the classes I've done and hopefully encourage you to try them too! 

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Find Your Soul

I'm sure you've heard of SoulCycle or at least the idea of it.


"SoulCycle is more than a workout—it’s an experience.

It's a space to come as you are and celebrate who you are; to emerge feeling stronger and inspired. Because moving your body and working your mind changes your Soul."

Soulcycle is indoor cycling and has taken the world by storm. My first  Soulcycle class EVER was in NYC. If you're like me, you know after one class if the class is a right fit. If you're looking for a class with loud jams, an encouraging instructor, and a room full of equally enthusiastic people, then Soul is the place for you. I fell in love! I knew I had to find a studio in the Boston area. Soul doesn't offer memberships, but rather you purchase class packs. I went this past weekend to the Chestnut Hill, MA studio for a Miley themed ride and during it I thought, "I have to blog about Soulcycle to share how amazing it is." 

The first couple of classes can be intimidating, but the instructors are great and will help you get adjusted onto your bike (do not be afraid to ask for help. Nobody knows how to get on the first time). Once the music starts and the instructor begins motivating you, you feel on top of the world. I have an overwhelming feeling of happiness during every ride. One really feels accomplished during the class and experiences a feeling of "I am capable." Following the class, I experience the feeling that I have the mental and physical strength to tackle any obstacles that may come my way. The instructors are so encouraging and seem to really sense when everyone needs the words "yes you can."  When it comes down to it, Soulcycle is just simply mighty and powerful to both the mind and body. Go ahead, give it a try! 

CorePower Yoga

It's important to find balance, in your life and within yourself. This can be achieved at CorePower Yoga—it teaches you how to control your breathing, and find balance, on the yoga mat that you can take into your life. When most people think of yoga, they often think of a slow motion class learning the tree pose.  CorePower takes yoga to another level. The room is heated, and there's different classes with different temperatures. C1 is the first class everyone should start with, especially if you're new to yoga. The room isn't heated and there's no added humidity. During this class you will learn the key fundamentals. C2 is heated between 95-98 degrees with added humidity. Yoga Sculpt adds free weights and takes sequences from C2. Yoga Sculpt is great  when you want cardio and strength-training! The room is 90-93 degrees with no added humidity. Lastly, there is Hot Power Fusion. The room is 98-100 degrees. I personally have not tried this class (yet) because of the high temperature. My friends say the class is great and that because it's a slower pace, the heat doesn't feel as strong.


"Inside our yoga fitness studios, something amazing is happening. With this high intensity workout, you’ll push past physical boundaries with an open mind and a beating heart, turning doubt into security, strangers into friends and stress into sweat."

Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp is a high-energy workout that is effective and fun. First things first, I'm not a runner but I have done Barry's a few times. Barry's motto is simple and powerful: "Work (out) hard and be nice to people." This follows suit with their focus on building a strong community. Barry's consists of a workout in one room with alternating muscle focus. You can either start on the treadmill or on the floor. The instructor, alongside her perfectly curated playlist, guides both through a 50 or 60 minute intense workout. Working on the treadmill will have you switching from a warmup to a jog to full on sprints. You'll be instructed to the settings you should have it set for followed by the floor works on strength training with free weights. You can either do 50% floor, 50% treadmill or 100% floor.


The concept at Barry's Bootcamp is fantastic. Switching between both weights and running allows for proper rest periods and maximal training. If you are  a member who goes everyday, Barry's does a specific workout for each day as shown below:


Even if you don't go everyday, you can plan your workouts around this schedule! This is super beneficial. I loved that it made me run, something I don't normally do, but I prefer to lift weights at my own speed and not feel rushed. I went with someone who loves running, and she swears by Barry's. It is a fantastic way to workout with other people to upbeat music. This one's up to you to try, but I do promise you'll get a GREAT workout.

Everybody Fights

I have always wanted to try boxing. The idea of punching stuff is simply very  appealing. Having boxing be a workout is a bonus! Boxing may look easy, but it definitely isn't. Everybody Fights is empowering. I have only attended one class, but I know I will be back for more. There's different options for classes, but I  chose the class "bags." 


"Anything worth having, is worth fighting for."

As I mentioned earlier, I prefer to try new classes with a friend. So when a friend asked me to go with them, of course I said yes! We had a female instructor who was amazing. Since I was new, she pulled me aside in the beginning to review the punches i.e 1 is left jab, 2 is right cross, etc. It's inspiring to have a female instructor and often, more comfortable. The music was bumping and the tv screen had the round length, duration and combination listed. I found this extremely helpful so if you ever forget, the tv is there to remind you. Some sequences were tough for beginners, so she always had two options (again, something I really appreciate). There's also core workouts along the way with a stretching session to end the class. I loved Everybody Fights, and I think everyone should try it at least once.


Overall, SoulCycle and CorePower Yoga have my heart and sweat. I've only been to Everybody Fights once but I still think it's a great workout class! I recommend Barry's Bootcamp for those looking to add interval running into their routine. But In the end, it doesn't matter what classes you choose as long as you find one you love and makes you feel mentally and physically stronger. I hope you get the chance to try these workouts at least once and if you do, or already have, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


What To Wear Athletic Guide


The popularity of athletic wear has increased in recent years. Stores like TJMaxx are filled with name brand leggings and sport bras. With so many options, it's important to choose a practical outfit that makes you feel great! I have tried so many brands in hopes of finding my favorites.

Aerie sells one of my favorite athletic leggings. What makes them stand out is their focus on matching leggings to activities. The Play leggings are cozy, extra soft, light weight, and very versatile. Whereas Aerie's Move leggings are medium support, thicker than the play leggings, and designed for your sweat sessions.  

I have an easier time finding quality sport bras than leggings. For cycling and yoga, I prefer a high neckline, while for the gym, my preference is a lower neckline.

Below are my favorite Aerie leggings & other name sport bras. They are all cute and you cannot go wrong with anything you choose!

Athletic Wear

Athletic Wear



1.Victoria Sport So Strappy Sports Bra

2. Kate Spade New York Scalloped Sports Bra

3. Outdoor Voices Slashback Crop Top

5. Aerie Move Printed 7/8 Leggings

6. Aerie Play High Waisted Pocket Legging

7. Aerie Move High Waisted 7/8 Legging

Finding athletic wear that makes you feel good is so important for working out. It's not something to overlook! What brands do you love to wear when working out?


Fit Friend Gift Guide


The countdown to Christmas has reached single digits (!!). Which means that the pressure to finish Christmas shopping is at a max. This gift guide is for the fit friend—the one who manages to always workout despite her 9-5 and hectic schedule. Keeping up the motivation to stay fit can be challenging. These little reminders will help her to remember that her hard work is paying off (& not going unnoticed). This list includes some of the basic essentials to the lil-extra somethings that make her look as fit as she feels. 

1. Water Bottle

2. Ponytail Holders

3. Shoe Dog

4. Art of Tea Matcha Sticks

5. Ring Hero

6. Outdoor Voices Leggings

7. Zella Tech Running Gloves

I hope this gift guide helps you find exactly what you're looking for. Your fit friend will love any of these gifts.  If you need any more ideas as the countdown to Christmas nears 0, take a look at Gift Guide for the Fashionista ,Gift Guide For The Girl You Don't Really Know, or 10 Gifts Under $20. As always, let me know what your excited about most this Christmas!