Playlist for Every Mood


There’s two types of people: Spotify listeners and Apple Music subscribers. I pledge my allegiance to Spotify, the home of the pre-curated playlists. They have a playlist for every situation or mood - from dance around your bathroom boy band jams to those scream your lungs out kinda moments where Linkin Park is the only option. My Friday highlight is New Music Friday. This playlist is crafted to reflect individual users and never disappoints. My other favorite personalized playlists are discover weekly, release radar and Daily mixes.

For a less curated feel, my top Spotify produced playlists are Pop Remix, Pop Rising, Mood Booster, Soft Pop Hits, Radiant and Channel-X. Each song set goes beyond what’s on the radio.

Check them out for some jammin’ tracks. 

Pop Remix


Pop Remix is my personal favorite. This playlist is the go-to for amazing remixes and club music. Be prepared to save every song on here.

Pop Rising

Pop Rising brings you the top charts before they happen. This is a great way to stay ahead of the curb and stay ahead of the mainstream.

Channel X

Where Hip-Hop meets R&B. The 6lack type of vibe - you know the one.

Mood Booster

Wake up in the morning, play the Mood Booster Playlist, and make a cup of coffee! No matter how the rest of the day goes, it’ll start out on the right foot!

Soft Pop Hits

For those times when you just want to sit back & decompress. Soft Pop Hits has your back (or should I say your ears?).


Radiant includes up and coming hits from female artists. It’s great when you need background music during work but also need to focus.