Invisibobble - the Hair Tie you Need


Hair Game Changer

When I have a busy, staring at my computer for 8 hours kind of work day, my hair has to be in a ponytail. The unfortunate drawback to needing my hair out of my face is the inevitable crease and potential headache. The crease leaves no room for a transition style and the headache may make you cancel plans all together. To transition my look from work to play, I’ve been relying on the Invisibobble.

The Beginning

The invention of the Invisibobble has an interesting & unexpected story. The idea for Invisibobble originated from a Warwick Business School student named Sophie. Sophie was constantly pulling her back to study or keep it off her neck in the heat. I think we can all relate to this struggle. While going to a ‘bad taste’ themed college party, Sophie needed her hair to match the theme. Her “aha!” moment happened after looking at the (ancient) phone hanging on her dorm wall and thought that the phones chord would make for a great hair tie. To her surprise, the last minute hair tie choice left her creaseless and headache free.

The Original Invisibobble

The Original Invisibobble was the first one created and the product that’s most talked about.

I favor Invisibobble over other hair ties because they are water-resistant, have a strong hold, look pretty, and don’t leave a crease. The main reason I lose hair ties is because I have to take them off to shower because otherwise they drip everywhere. Since Invisibobble is water-resistant, there’s no need to take them off. This makes one Invisibobble hair tie lasts longer than the generic ones! A pack of 3 for $8 goes a long way.

What makes this hair tie stand out even more is its strong grip that takes away the fear of your hair style not lasting the whole day! It’s durable and really holds your hair in place. Plus, the hair tie itself is cuter than most while still remaining simple and understated.

The only downside is that they can’t be purchased through the site and although their site says they have multiple colors, I can’t find them available to purchase anywhere. Brown, black, clear, and nude are the only ones easily available.

Tip: If they stretch out, either run them under hot water or blow dry them to shrink them back to normal size!

The Sprunchie

Scrunchies are back baby and now, with a stylish look and stronger hold! The Sprunchie uses the Original as its base covered by cute velvet fabric.

For some reason, even though the base claims to be the same as the Originals, I noticed that my hair did hurt after wearing my hair up all day and left a crease. I tend to have a high pony which also could be attributed to this. This was disappointing though because I wear scrunchies for the easy take down process. On the other hand, unlike other scrunchies, I didn’t have to fix my hair all day since it stayed in place. I recommend the Sprunchie for when you want to have a cute updo that doesn’t require maintenance and wearing your hair down afterwards isn’t a concern.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend the Originals from Invisibobble because they are hard not to love. There’s also a Slim version that I want to try especially since there’s more color options. They have great reviews too. I have mixed feelings about the Sprunchie because I love that it’s a stylish hair tie but it does not have the easy day-to-night factor. Sprunchies are great for work days when you don’t want to redo your hair or take it down that night.

Have you tried Invisibobble or any other scrunchie brands that you’re obsessing over? I’d love to hear your go-to’s.