Gift Guide for the Girl You Don't Really Know


During this time of year, your calendar begins to fill up. You're already busy to start with, but then you continue to receive invites to holiday parties, Yankee Swaps or a Secret Santa. Of course, you RSVP and put it in your Google calendar only to forget about it until 2 days prior. Now is the classic crunch time. The amount of times I've thought, “Oh no, I have no idea what to get this girl I barely know,” is too many too count. If you're shopping for someone you do know, checkout a gift guide for a fashionista.

Nobody wants to bring a gift to a Yankee Swap that everyone struggles to trade. You know what they say, it’s all fun and games until your present is sadly unwrapped and unwanted. 

This gift guide is designed to help you handle these awkward situations. And for a budget of $20 or less, take a look at 10 gifts under $20.