12 Songs for a Mellow Day

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the 2019 Grace Hopper Women in Tech Conference held in Orlando, Florida. The Grace Hopper Conference is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. The conference is a celebration of Grace Hopper, a pioneer of computer programming, and an inspiration to all. The conference consisted of inspirational keynote speakers, networking with tech companies, and educational breakout sessions. The highlight of my week was presenting Socially Engineered Threats & Metasploit research, alongside my Professor, during a breakout session. The amazing weather in the Sunshine State added to my delightful week. Every day was 90 degrees with sunset occurring at 8pm. I was sad to see the week come to an end and sadder to leave the great weather behind. With that said, the week was tiring, and I was ready to return to college life (twin bed & all). 

Upon returning, Mother Nature surprised me with a week of gloomy days. No sunshine = no reason to go outside = more productive days. Catching up on homework requires the perfect playlist. On gloomy days, mellow music is my go-to. I know this may not be true for others, but for some reason it works for me.

I have listed some of my favorite songs to listen to on a gloomy day below. I’ve also linked my “Mellow Day” Spotify playlist. Make sure to check out both of these and follow my playlist!

Mellow Day

Semester Essentials


Transition periods can be unpredictable with new routines and changing schedules. Don’t forget to check in with both your mental and physical health. Maybe you need to add in some more personal time to read a book, mediate with the HeadSpace app, or simply treat yourself to a new product. For me, the semester has been a whirlwind. I’m off to the Grace Hopper Convention in Orlando, Florida this week and wanted to bring some new products along! 

I have some great products to share with you. They’re all linked and described below.

  1. Milani Cosmetic - Matte Charcoal Setting Spray

  2. L’Oreal Paris - Voluminous Lash Paradise™ Mascara

  3. Innisfree - My Real Squeeze Mask & Pore clearing clay mask

  4. Steripod - toothbrush protector, razor protector, & tongue cleaners

  5. Extra Gum - Extra Refreshers

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 5.06.55 PM.png

Set for Day to Night

The Milani Make it Last Matte Charcoal Setting Spray was incredible. I sprayed it on after applying a heavier set of makeup and my skin didn’t look as oily throughout the night. The smell was a little strong at first but goes away fast. This is an affordable setting spray that works.

Take your Lashes to Paradise

I ran out of mascara a day before receiving L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise™ Mascara. I couldn’t wait to try it and I’ve been obsessed since. My lashes look much fuller with this mascara. This mascara is great for length, but not as good for volume. The brush was also a great shape that allowed for a swift and easy application leaving your lashes looking long and soft. I suggest L’Oreal’s mascara if you’re looking for a non-waterproof, lengthening finish.

My Main Squeeze

Face masks are a great way to end a long, stressful day. With my sensitive skin, I find it slightly more challenging to embrace the face mask life. I was thrilled when I received the Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask, but also nervous for a breakout. After cleansing and toning, apply it to your face for 10-20 minutes and pat the remaining residue. The mask smells nice and is lightweight, however, the product doesn’t stay on the chin area too well. But, for a girls’ night, these are easy and affordable.

Cleanse with Clay

After knowing that my skin reacted well to the Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask mask, I was excited to use Innisfree’s Pore Clearing Clay Mask with volcanic clusters. After cleansing, apply the mask to your dry skin and then let it dry for 15-20 minutes and wash it off. This mask claims to help problem skin: congested and enlarged pores, oily skin, rough texture. Depending on your skin type, you can use it up to twice a week. I have no complaints about this mask. There’s no smell and applies easily! Your skin will feel baby soft afterwards. They explain more of the history behind the ingredients here.

Germ Fighter

Steripod’s Clip-On Toothbrush Protector fights against the germs you can’t see. Avoiding germs on your tooth bush is super important. Steripod’s product is easy to take on and off. These are a must have.

Stay Sharp

There is nothing worse than a dull, rusty razor. Using a razor for too long and not storing them properly can result in an unpleasant experience. Fortunately, Steripod’s razor protector can help this issue! My blade stays sharper longer without any rust. Tip: drying off the razor before storing it also increases its lifespan. To read more about the science behind this, checkout their website.

Palette Cleanser

If you’re anything like me, bad breath is a constant paranoia. The Tongue Cleaners have me excited. They are meant to fight bad breath by gently scraping away build up. There’s a slight difference between using this versus the back of your toothbrush. These do their job and have become a staple in my routine. Find more information here.

Give Extra, Get Extra

Extra has always been my go-to gum brand. The Extra Refreshers Spearmint Chewing gum lived up to my expectations. It’s stiff at first, but softens as you chew. You never know when you’ll need a piece, or when someone else will. Plus, I always remember (& love) the Extra ad. It’s all about the little things. Find more here.


This is a sponsored post by Campus Trendsetters at HerCampus. More articles can be found here. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

Hollywood's Bleeding - Album Review


Post Malone released his third album Hollywood’s Bleeding. The long-awaited album contains 17 songs and pushes the limit on defining his music genre. Post said “I like everything—metal, old country, hip-hop, funk and R&B. What I’m not into is boxes. I don’t put people in boxes. There are no genres anymore. If a song makes you feel nice or it makes you feel sad or if it makes you feel anything, what does it really matter what category it is?” and this album reflects his standpoint. Hollywood’s Bleeding doesn’t stray entirely away from the expected houseparty trap music we typically expect from the beerbongs & bentleys artist. The more unique addition to Malone’s work is the surprising mix of pop-rock-indie-R&B songs and featured artists. I expect we’ll see lots of his jams topping the charts. Post’s raw emotions is what distinguishes this album from his previous two. His personality is able to shine through the lyrics, with less of an emphasis on partying & drugs.  

On a scale of 1-5, I’m giving this album a 3.75. Don’t get me wrong, there are 9 strong and impressive tracks on this album. Unfortunately, the other 8 didn’t hit the mark for me.


Individual Song Ratings

  1. Hollywood’s Bleeding (4.5/5)

  2. Saint-Tropez (3.5/5)

  3. Enemies (3/5)

  4. Allergic (2.5/5)

  5. A Thousand Bad Times (4/5)

  6. Circles (2/5)

  7. Die For Me (3/5)

  8. On The Road (4/5)

  9. Take What You Want (5/5)

  10. I’m Gonna Be (4/5)

  11. Staring At The Sun (2/5)

  12. Sunflower (4.5/5)

  13. Internet (4.75/5)

  14. Goodbyes (3/5)

  15. Myself (5/5)

  16. I Know (5/5)

  17. Wow. (4.5/5)


Top Track Breakdowns 


Hollywood’s Bleeding (4.5/5)

Hollywood’s Bleeding is the first and titular track on the album. The opening line, “Hollywood is bleeding, vampires feedin’ / Darkness turns to dust/ Everyone’s gone, but no one’s leavin’,” describes Hollywood and L.A. as cities that suck the life out of individuals. This is eventually followed by Post asking the question, “But who’d be at my funeral?” This example of lyrics evoke feelings that past songs didn’t. This is strong way to start the album - a little insight into the (seemingly empty) world of Post Malone.

Take What You Want (5/5)

Take What You Want is a standout for its surprising (but genius) feature from Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott. This is not a trio one would necessarily expect to hear. And yet, it works perfectly and even includes hair-metal guitar.

I Know (5/5) 

For only being 2 minutes, 21 seconds, I Know is extremely memorable. The catchy and strong hooks that Post is known for certainly lived up to my expectation. The best part of the song was the reply shout-out to the JoBros, “was sweet until I was a sucker, shout out Jonas Brothers.” Good job, Posty, you got all the JoBro fans swooning.  

Myself (5/5)

Myself is a calm, nighttime cruising, head nodding type of anthem. The song is about the struggles Post encounters performing all over the world. “It's what it is, it's how I live/ All the places I've been/ I wish I could've been there myself/.” Maybe a less #relatable topic, but allows the listener to get more insight into his life.

On the Road ft. Meek Mill & Lil Baby (4/5)

Post is still including mainstream trap music with anticipated features from Meek Mill and Lil Baby. On the Road is a sad-boy song, including lyrics such as “Leave when I lose and pop back up as soon as I win.”


Invisibobble - the Hair Tie you Need


Hair Game Changer

When I have a busy, staring at my computer for 8 hours kind of work day, my hair has to be in a ponytail. The unfortunate drawback to needing my hair out of my face is the inevitable crease and potential headache. The crease leaves no room for a transition style and the headache may make you cancel plans all together. To transition my look from work to play, I’ve been relying on the Invisibobble.

The Beginning

The invention of the Invisibobble has an interesting & unexpected story. The idea for Invisibobble originated from a Warwick Business School student named Sophie. Sophie was constantly pulling her back to study or keep it off her neck in the heat. I think we can all relate to this struggle. While going to a ‘bad taste’ themed college party, Sophie needed her hair to match the theme. Her “aha!” moment happened after looking at the (ancient) phone hanging on her dorm wall and thought that the phones chord would make for a great hair tie. To her surprise, the last minute hair tie choice left her creaseless and headache free.

The Original Invisibobble

The Original Invisibobble was the first one created and the product that’s most talked about.

I favor Invisibobble over other hair ties because they are water-resistant, have a strong hold, look pretty, and don’t leave a crease. The main reason I lose hair ties is because I have to take them off to shower because otherwise they drip everywhere. Since Invisibobble is water-resistant, there’s no need to take them off. This makes one Invisibobble hair tie lasts longer than the generic ones! A pack of 3 for $8 goes a long way.

What makes this hair tie stand out even more is its strong grip that takes away the fear of your hair style not lasting the whole day! It’s durable and really holds your hair in place. Plus, the hair tie itself is cuter than most while still remaining simple and understated.

The only downside is that they can’t be purchased through the site and although their site says they have multiple colors, I can’t find them available to purchase anywhere. Brown, black, clear, and nude are the only ones easily available.

Tip: If they stretch out, either run them under hot water or blow dry them to shrink them back to normal size!

The Sprunchie

Scrunchies are back baby and now, with a stylish look and stronger hold! The Sprunchie uses the Original as its base covered by cute velvet fabric.

For some reason, even though the base claims to be the same as the Originals, I noticed that my hair did hurt after wearing my hair up all day and left a crease. I tend to have a high pony which also could be attributed to this. This was disappointing though because I wear scrunchies for the easy take down process. On the other hand, unlike other scrunchies, I didn’t have to fix my hair all day since it stayed in place. I recommend the Sprunchie for when you want to have a cute updo that doesn’t require maintenance and wearing your hair down afterwards isn’t a concern.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend the Originals from Invisibobble because they are hard not to love. There’s also a Slim version that I want to try especially since there’s more color options. They have great reviews too. I have mixed feelings about the Sprunchie because I love that it’s a stylish hair tie but it does not have the easy day-to-night factor. Sprunchies are great for work days when you don’t want to redo your hair or take it down that night.

Have you tried Invisibobble or any other scrunchie brands that you’re obsessing over? I’d love to hear your go-to’s.


Playlist for Every Mood


There’s two types of people: Spotify listeners and Apple Music subscribers. I pledge my allegiance to Spotify, the home of the pre-curated playlists. They have a playlist for every situation or mood - from dance around your bathroom boy band jams to those scream your lungs out kinda moments where Linkin Park is the only option. My Friday highlight is New Music Friday. This playlist is crafted to reflect individual users and never disappoints. My other favorite personalized playlists are discover weekly, release radar and Daily mixes.

For a less curated feel, my top Spotify produced playlists are Pop Remix, Pop Rising, Mood Booster, Soft Pop Hits, Radiant and Channel-X. Each song set goes beyond what’s on the radio.

Check them out for some jammin’ tracks. 

Pop Remix


Pop Remix is my personal favorite. This playlist is the go-to for amazing remixes and club music. Be prepared to save every song on here.

Pop Rising

Pop Rising brings you the top charts before they happen. This is a great way to stay ahead of the curb and stay ahead of the mainstream.

Channel X

Where Hip-Hop meets R&B. The 6lack type of vibe - you know the one.

Mood Booster

Wake up in the morning, play the Mood Booster Playlist, and make a cup of coffee! No matter how the rest of the day goes, it’ll start out on the right foot!

Soft Pop Hits

For those times when you just want to sit back & decompress. Soft Pop Hits has your back (or should I say your ears?).


Radiant includes up and coming hits from female artists. It’s great when you need background music during work but also need to focus.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks


It's that time of the year again... the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (!!). You won't want to miss some of their unbeatable deals. The early sale is currently open to Nordstrom card members until July 18. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to the public from July 19- August 5! I've listed some of my must haves below. There's 3 sections: Under $25, Under $50, and Under $100. Hurry to grab your faves before they're gone!

Pin me for later!

Pin me for later!


Under $25

Sleepy Lounge Tee || $15.90

Sleepy Lounge Tee || $15.90

This comes in 6 colors: Black, Blue, Coral, Grey, Pink and White

This Sleepy Lounge Tee may be described for lounging, but it's the perfect everyday comfy tee. In 6 colors, wear this under a cardigan or with a scarf and the day is yours!

Beadlink Choker Necklace || $22.90

Beadlink Choker Necklace || $22.90

From Madewell, this adorable beadlink choker will take any outfit from 0 to 100. The classy choker should be a staple in every girl's closet.

BP. Raw Edge Pocket Tee || $15.90

BP. Raw Edge Pocket Tee || $15.90

5 colors: Red, Black, Ivory Stripe, Olive, and White

It's hard to find a simple, comfortable long sleeve tee. The raw edge neckline adds to the casual feel of this shirt, giving it a little something extra. Pair it with the Madewell choker for a super chic look!


Under $50

Satin Stitch Embroidered Logo Crop Top || $25.90

Satin Stitch Embroidered Logo Crop Top || $25.90

2 colors: White and Blue

The crop look of this Champion logo tee adds a little flare, making it less slouchy to wear with your fave pair of sweats!

Adidas Originals Crop Hoodie || 44.90

Adidas Originals Crop Hoodie || 44.90

The stripes make a bold statement in this Adidas Originals crop sweatshirt! Perfect to wear to the gym, class, or a lunch with friends.

Wubby Fleece Pullover || $49

Wubby Fleece Pullover || $49

4 colors: Milk, Bordeaux, Charcoal, and Dijon

The Wubby Fleece Pullover is originally $75 from Thread & Supply Company. I adore this brand. It can be pricy, but the items will last forever with unbeatable comfort.

Vintage Tassel Scarf || $35.90

Vintage Tassel Scarf || $35.90

Blue Meadow Dream Print

Scarves are the best part about the colder seasons. A stylish accessory for any outfit.

BP. Lace Trim Satin Cami || $25.90

BP. Lace Trim Satin Cami || $25.90

2 Patterns: Beige Burch Leopard Dash and Pink Shock Spaced Tea Rose

Cheetah print is either a hit or miss and this one is out of the park. Great under a leather jacket! The Lace Trim Satin Cami is too die for, taking Cheetah to the classy level.

Everything's Going to Be Alright Fleece Sweatshirt || $29.90

Everything's Going to Be Alright Fleece Sweatshirt || $29.90

This sweatshirt is from Project Social T. If you're looking for a simple, extra comfy pullover, this is it.

Moonlight Short Pajamas|| $35.90

Moonlight Short Pajamas|| $35.90

Comes in 4 colors: Navy Peacoat, Black, Purple Shake, and Purple Thistle Spring Floral

I'm a sucker for a good pajama set. In 4 colors, you'll look cute and feel cozy in this matching pj set!


Under $100

Teddy Bear Faux Fur Jacket || $58.90

Teddy Bear Faux Fur Jacket || $58.90

Teddy Bear Faux Fur jackets are popular for a reason. They are magically soft and this one is super cute!

BLANKNYC Suede Miniskirt || $64.90

BLANKNYC Suede Miniskirt || $64.90

2 colors: Coffee Bean and Soft Fog

Suede Miniskirts are a staple. The front zippers here give this skirt some extra flare. Pair with a leather jacket and you're ready for the day or night.

Moisture Repair Jumbo Set || $78

Moisture Repair Jumbo Set || $78

This Moroccanoil set is a great savings. The moisture repair jumbo set comes with a brush, hydrating shampoo, conditioner, and moroccan oil. The 3 bottles help my hair stay hydrated, especially during those dry months. You'll notice an immediate difference in the softness of your hair. Plus, the oil lasts a long time!

GrandPro Spectator 2.0 Slip-On || $84.90

GrandPro Spectator 2.0 Slip-On || $84.90

3 colors: Black Snake Print/ Leather, Ivory Leather, and Mahogany Rose Nubuck Leather

These are originally $130, so you're saving quite a bit of money with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. In 3 colors, these GrandPro Spectator Slip-ons will be your new fave shoes. Looking for a comfy pair of shoes? Try Cole Haan

Vince Camuto  Kimora Cutout Shield Sandal || $99

Vince Camuto

Kimora Cutout Shield Sandal || $99

3 colors: Wild Mushroom Suede, Shady Grey Suede, and Black Nubuck Leather

I love Vince Camuto because of how well the shoes are made. Stylish and practical... a hard combo to find.


4 Workout Classes You Need to Try


Exercising is one of my favorite activities. The clothing is super cute and I always feel so good afterwards. Although I enjoy going to the gym, I love to mix it up and try different classes. It's fun to be in a room full of people all there achieving the same goal. The loud music gets you hyped and it doesn't feel like your average workout. It can take some time to find the type of classes you prefer, but once you do, I promise you'll be addicted. The hardest part is sometimes finding the motivation to start. That's when it's time to bring in reinforcements! Grab a friend and try a few classes together. Since I love trying new things, I wanted to share the classes I've done and hopefully encourage you to try them too! 

Pin me for later!

Pin me for later!


Find Your Soul

I'm sure you've heard of SoulCycle or at least the idea of it.


"SoulCycle is more than a workout—it’s an experience.

It's a space to come as you are and celebrate who you are; to emerge feeling stronger and inspired. Because moving your body and working your mind changes your Soul."

Soulcycle is indoor cycling and has taken the world by storm. My first  Soulcycle class EVER was in NYC. If you're like me, you know after one class if the class is a right fit. If you're looking for a class with loud jams, an encouraging instructor, and a room full of equally enthusiastic people, then Soul is the place for you. I fell in love! I knew I had to find a studio in the Boston area. Soul doesn't offer memberships, but rather you purchase class packs. I went this past weekend to the Chestnut Hill, MA studio for a Miley themed ride and during it I thought, "I have to blog about Soulcycle to share how amazing it is." 

The first couple of classes can be intimidating, but the instructors are great and will help you get adjusted onto your bike (do not be afraid to ask for help. Nobody knows how to get on the first time). Once the music starts and the instructor begins motivating you, you feel on top of the world. I have an overwhelming feeling of happiness during every ride. One really feels accomplished during the class and experiences a feeling of "I am capable." Following the class, I experience the feeling that I have the mental and physical strength to tackle any obstacles that may come my way. The instructors are so encouraging and seem to really sense when everyone needs the words "yes you can."  When it comes down to it, Soulcycle is just simply mighty and powerful to both the mind and body. Go ahead, give it a try! 

CorePower Yoga

It's important to find balance, in your life and within yourself. This can be achieved at CorePower Yoga—it teaches you how to control your breathing, and find balance, on the yoga mat that you can take into your life. When most people think of yoga, they often think of a slow motion class learning the tree pose.  CorePower takes yoga to another level. The room is heated, and there's different classes with different temperatures. C1 is the first class everyone should start with, especially if you're new to yoga. The room isn't heated and there's no added humidity. During this class you will learn the key fundamentals. C2 is heated between 95-98 degrees with added humidity. Yoga Sculpt adds free weights and takes sequences from C2. Yoga Sculpt is great  when you want cardio and strength-training! The room is 90-93 degrees with no added humidity. Lastly, there is Hot Power Fusion. The room is 98-100 degrees. I personally have not tried this class (yet) because of the high temperature. My friends say the class is great and that because it's a slower pace, the heat doesn't feel as strong.


"Inside our yoga fitness studios, something amazing is happening. With this high intensity workout, you’ll push past physical boundaries with an open mind and a beating heart, turning doubt into security, strangers into friends and stress into sweat."

Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp is a high-energy workout that is effective and fun. First things first, I'm not a runner but I have done Barry's a few times. Barry's motto is simple and powerful: "Work (out) hard and be nice to people." This follows suit with their focus on building a strong community. Barry's consists of a workout in one room with alternating muscle focus. You can either start on the treadmill or on the floor. The instructor, alongside her perfectly curated playlist, guides both through a 50 or 60 minute intense workout. Working on the treadmill will have you switching from a warmup to a jog to full on sprints. You'll be instructed to the settings you should have it set for followed by the floor works on strength training with free weights. You can either do 50% floor, 50% treadmill or 100% floor.


The concept at Barry's Bootcamp is fantastic. Switching between both weights and running allows for proper rest periods and maximal training. If you are  a member who goes everyday, Barry's does a specific workout for each day as shown below:


Even if you don't go everyday, you can plan your workouts around this schedule! This is super beneficial. I loved that it made me run, something I don't normally do, but I prefer to lift weights at my own speed and not feel rushed. I went with someone who loves running, and she swears by Barry's. It is a fantastic way to workout with other people to upbeat music. This one's up to you to try, but I do promise you'll get a GREAT workout.

Everybody Fights

I have always wanted to try boxing. The idea of punching stuff is simply very  appealing. Having boxing be a workout is a bonus! Boxing may look easy, but it definitely isn't. Everybody Fights is empowering. I have only attended one class, but I know I will be back for more. There's different options for classes, but I  chose the class "bags." 


"Anything worth having, is worth fighting for."

As I mentioned earlier, I prefer to try new classes with a friend. So when a friend asked me to go with them, of course I said yes! We had a female instructor who was amazing. Since I was new, she pulled me aside in the beginning to review the punches i.e 1 is left jab, 2 is right cross, etc. It's inspiring to have a female instructor and often, more comfortable. The music was bumping and the tv screen had the round length, duration and combination listed. I found this extremely helpful so if you ever forget, the tv is there to remind you. Some sequences were tough for beginners, so she always had two options (again, something I really appreciate). There's also core workouts along the way with a stretching session to end the class. I loved Everybody Fights, and I think everyone should try it at least once.


Overall, SoulCycle and CorePower Yoga have my heart and sweat. I've only been to Everybody Fights once but I still think it's a great workout class! I recommend Barry's Bootcamp for those looking to add interval running into their routine. But In the end, it doesn't matter what classes you choose as long as you find one you love and makes you feel mentally and physically stronger. I hope you get the chance to try these workouts at least once and if you do, or already have, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Summer Essentials


It's official, summer is here!  The sun is shining, the days are longer, and moods become cheerier. Who doesn't love spending summer days at the beach with a good book?! If you're looking for some book inspiration, Reese Witherspoon has a book club, Hello Sunshine. You can find each months book selection at Barnes & Noble with the Reese's Book Club emblem on the front cover. I recently finished & loved The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory. Great choice, Reese! 

Long beach days = more reason for prepping and protecting your skin. Here are my summer essentials! 


The Essentials

1. Mia Prima Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush || Even though this has a higher price tag, it's the best purchase I've made in a LONG time. It's much better than washing your face with your handså because you're getting a deeper clean. You'll immediately feel the difference and after a week, my skin was cleared up. I swear by this product for everyone. Check back for soon for a more in depth post about this summer essential.

2. LANEIGE Lip Glowy Balm || Lip Sleeping Mask || I'm still not sure how to pronounce the brand's name, but I love this lip duo. The sleeping mask is amazing for before bed while the smaller one is great for on the go. Both have such a nice shine and slight tint that make protecting your lips this summer so much easier.

3. Brooklyn & Bailey Lash Next Door Mascara || I'm pleasantly surprised with how much I adore this mascara. It was made by a set of twin Youtubers! I loved their lashes and said why not? It's waterproof and won't flake after a long day. Plus, it makes my lashes longer than other mascaras. This is on the summer essentials list because sometimes, a little mascara is all you need to feel ready for the day.

4. St. Tropez Tanning Kit || The St. Tropez kit comes with a gradual tan lotion, bronzing mousse, and applicator mitt. I will be posting a self tanning routine later on, but for now this is my favorite self tanner. You get more for your dollar with this kit. After doing my research, I found that this was an overall fan fave and for good reason. You get the darkest for the longest period of time. Most importantly, it's not streaky.

5. Clear American — Available at Walmart || This summer, my goal was to start liking seltzer and sparkling water. Turns out, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I normally don't like carbonation, but Clear American isn't too strong. I LOVE the peach flavor.

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Pin Me for Later!


If there's anything in particular you'd like to see, leave a comment

February Favorites


A New Year's Resolution of mine was to increase my daily water intake. After experimenting with different products and apps to help fulfill this resolution, I found a solution I love enough to share: drinking from a stainless steel tumbler with a reusable straw. It's so simple, and yet the biggest game changer. Of course, I had to share it as a one of my February favorites!

I've shared my favorite tumbler below, along with some other February favorites. Let me know what you think!


5 Outfits for Valentine's Day


Love is in the air with Valentine's Day fast approaching on February 14th!  Whether celebrating the night with your special someone or close friends, the right outfit will make the moment special.  Pink and Red are often difficult colors to pair together, but are fabulous when you do! Below are outfits that I have created which are guaranteed to ensure that you will look amazing this Valentine's Day.

Casual and Subtle


This millennial pink is a subtle way to embrace the day of love. Layer with this cozy North Face vest and oversized jacket to stay warm. Wearing a v-neck sweater is the perfect time to wear a simple necklace. These statement earrings pair well with the necklace and the gold in your boots!

1. Baby V necklace

2. Recycled Polyester Sweater

3. The North Face Campshire Vest

4. Marchesa Stone Floater Earrings

5. Anne Klein Kimmie Over the Knee Boot

6. Mile High Super Skinny Jeans LEVI'S®

7. BLANKNYC Faux Fur Anorak


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


I’m obsessed with these Kelly & Katie Onalee boots. The bow on the side makes a unique statement. The black faux fur jacket balances out the bright pink sweater. Finalize the look with a little pop of gold.

1.Lulus Thera Gold Hoop Earrings

2. Turtleneck Ribbed Sweater

3. Thread and Supply Northy Faux Fur Jacket

4. Mile High Super Skinny Jeans LEVI'S®

5. Kelly & Katie Onalee Boot

Work Day


Curate your office apparel to easily transition to after-work plans. I suggest wearing the jacket unzipped, layered over the sweater to make a statement. Pair with these adorable pants and pink heels to be the icon of Valentine’s Day fashion.

1. Pavé Stud Earrings

2. J.Crew Supersoft Yarn V-neck Sweater

3. Lily Pulitzer® Adore Adjustable Slide Bracelet

4. Leith High Waist Belt Pants

5. BLANKNYC Drape Front Faux Suede Jacket (color: Pink Adobe)

6. Kelly & Katie Rosewell Pump

Pretty In Pink

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


This is my favorite look. Vests are the best way to accessorize a sweater and take your outfit to the next level. I love Thread and Supply (I posted another pullover here). I also like the teddy jacket trend (especially when it’s pink). It goes well with the black LEVI’S and over the knee boots!

1. Geometric Circle Drop Earrings

2. Open-Knit Sweater

3. Thread and Supply Reversible Fleece Lined Quilted Vest

4. Mile High Super Skinny Jeans LEVI'S®

5. UNISA Adivan Over the Knee Boot

6. Urban Outfitters Batwing Teddy Fleece Jacket

Date Night

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


I love this versatile look! The red and pink layers are sophisticated, yet simple and festive for Valentine’s Day. The Bishop + Young Serena red stripe shirt underneath the pink belt cardigan create a classy and romantic feel. This combo is comfortable underneath the Teddy jacket. The layering provides the best opportunity to remove the jacket and still look perfect for your Valentine’s Day date!

I'd love to hear your plans for Valentine's day! No matter what you're doing, I hope these looks inspire you to wear some pink and red and spread some love this Valentine's Day!

1.Hypnotize Gold Earrings

2. Bishop + Young Serena Stripe Ribbed Sweater

3. Belt Cardigan

4. Kettle Block Heel Bootie

5. Mile High Super Skinny Jeans LEVI'S®

6. Urban Outfitters Batwing Teddy Fleece Jacket

Pin Me For Later!

Pin Me For Later!


What To Wear Athletic Guide


The popularity of athletic wear has increased in recent years. Stores like TJMaxx are filled with name brand leggings and sport bras. With so many options, it's important to choose a practical outfit that makes you feel great! I have tried so many brands in hopes of finding my favorites.

Aerie sells one of my favorite athletic leggings. What makes them stand out is their focus on matching leggings to activities. The Play leggings are cozy, extra soft, light weight, and very versatile. Whereas Aerie's Move leggings are medium support, thicker than the play leggings, and designed for your sweat sessions.  

I have an easier time finding quality sport bras than leggings. For cycling and yoga, I prefer a high neckline, while for the gym, my preference is a lower neckline.

Below are my favorite Aerie leggings & other name sport bras. They are all cute and you cannot go wrong with anything you choose!

Athletic Wear

Athletic Wear



1.Victoria Sport So Strappy Sports Bra

2. Kate Spade New York Scalloped Sports Bra

3. Outdoor Voices Slashback Crop Top

5. Aerie Move Printed 7/8 Leggings

6. Aerie Play High Waisted Pocket Legging

7. Aerie Move High Waisted 7/8 Legging

Finding athletic wear that makes you feel good is so important for working out. It's not something to overlook! What brands do you love to wear when working out?


5 Favorite Perfumes


Every woman has their own signature scent. My signature scent is a little floral, airy, and sweet. It’s helpful to have both a fragrance bottle and roller: one for home & one for on the go. I always have a roller on me. There’s one in my backpack at ALL times and then one in my purse. You never when you’ll need to reapply.

There’s different categories of perfume based on the concentration of oils they contain. The four types are: Parfum, Eau de parfum, Eau de toilette, and Eau de cologne.

Parfum (perfume): Parfum has the highest concentration ofoils in a fragrance. The higher the concentration, the longer the smell lasts!Parfum has around 20 percent concentration & lasts the longest at around 7hours before needing to be reapplied.

Eau de parfum: Has about 10 to 15 percent concentration,lasting from four to five hours.

Eau de toilette: Has less than 10 percent and lasts aboutthree hours.

Eau de cologne: Only has about 5 percent of oilconcentration and lasts about two hours (making them the most inexpensive).

Finding your signature scent is important! These are some of my favorite go-to perfumes that help to define me and my signature scent!


The next time someone asks you “What makes you, you?” I hope you can include your signature scent. What’s yours?


1.TORY BURCH by Tory Burch

2.Saint Eau De Parfum by Kat Von D

3.Amazing Grace eau de toilette by Philosophy

4.MARC JACOBS Daisy Eau So Fresh Rollerball

5.Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande Rollerball


Bullet Journal


Bullet journaling combines my love of doodling and need to be more organized. There are so many different page layouts—inspirational quotes, daily reminders, and even habit trackers—you'll never get bored of your journal. Here are the tools I rely on to design my bullet journal (examples shown below) and stay true to my intention:


Winter Beauty Routine


Now that it's officially January 2019, the brutal New England weather is fast approaching. Winter brings low temperatures, high winds, and everyone's favorite, dry skin. To manage the dryness, I've created this beauty routine for winter. I previously posted my nighttime skin routine here, but with different weather, your skin requires different TLC. This is my essential winter beauty routine to help your skin, lips, and hair from becoming brittle and damaged.

Winter Beauty Routine

Winter Beauty Routine


1.Neutrogena® Pink Grapefruit Activated Cream-to-Foam Cleanser #sponsored


3,Nurture Me® Moisturizing Crème

4.GLAMGLOWPOUTMUD™ Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment


6.Night Cap™ Overnight Perfector

7.Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Body Gel Cream

These are some of my essentials for surviving the winter season. I hope you find they work just as well as I do. What are your winter must haves? I'd love to know down below!


New Year, Improving You


Today is the last day of 2018. It's time to reflect on the past 365 days and create resolutions for 2019. There are always a mix of responses when it comes to making resolutions. Some people love them, some people don't make them, and some people just don't think too much about them. I am the first of those three. I love to make resolutions. Not because I see it as a time to become a "new me", but because it is a dedicated occasion to refocus my intentions. The strict dictionary definition of an intention is "a determination to act in a certain way". In terms of oneself, an intention is something you mean to do, whether you pull it off or not. It brings about the act of working towards a goal, while being more forgiving than a resolution. The idea of intention honors effort and process, not just results.

Ideas, goals, and self-improvements don't just happen, you have to make them happen. That's what New Years Resolutions are all about, improving yourself. Take this time to set intentions for the next year, rather than reflecting on some habits from the past. Here are my intentions for 2019!


Be Active 4 Times a Week

Being active is essential to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Having dedicated time where I can push myself physically refreshes me mentally. Normally, I do either yoga or soul cycle three times a week. Increasing to four days will give me a purpose to go consistently, rather than telling myself "I'm too busy, there's always tomorrow." You can't go from 0 to 100 over night, there's no reason to.

Self-Reflection: Bullet Journal Daily

I LOVE to bullet journal. But this previous semester I found myself skipping a day or two when I knew what homework was planned for the week. But to make sure I'm always on top of things, I want to write in it daily. I intend to utilize the bullet journal to its full capacity beyond a homework tracker: keeping track of the workouts I've accomplished, daily water intake (intention below), and other intentions along the way. Journaling will help to refocus my priorities. Taking time to do what I love is important, even if it is just 10 minutes of journaling.

Drink (more) water

Drinking 64oz of water a day is hard for me to maintain. I'm hoping that by tracking it in my planner and making a conscious effort, it'll be easier for me to stay hydrated. I want to do this to balance my coffee to water intake. Hopefully, I'll stay hydrated and not just caffeinated. Maybe I also slightly, sorta, kinda, blame Loreali Gilmore for allowing me to think running on coffee is a normal and acceptable part of life.

I hope that this post inspired some resolutions for you. I'd love to hear them down below. I'll see you all in 2019!


Fit Friend Gift Guide


The countdown to Christmas has reached single digits (!!). Which means that the pressure to finish Christmas shopping is at a max. This gift guide is for the fit friend—the one who manages to always workout despite her 9-5 and hectic schedule. Keeping up the motivation to stay fit can be challenging. These little reminders will help her to remember that her hard work is paying off (& not going unnoticed). This list includes some of the basic essentials to the lil-extra somethings that make her look as fit as she feels. 

1. Water Bottle

2. Ponytail Holders

3. Shoe Dog

4. Art of Tea Matcha Sticks

5. Ring Hero

6. Outdoor Voices Leggings

7. Zella Tech Running Gloves

I hope this gift guide helps you find exactly what you're looking for. Your fit friend will love any of these gifts.  If you need any more ideas as the countdown to Christmas nears 0, take a look at Gift Guide for the Fashionista ,Gift Guide For The Girl You Don't Really Know, or 10 Gifts Under $20. As always, let me know what your excited about most this Christmas!


Gift Guide for a Fashionista




This is the most festive time of the year! With all the holiday parties, baking, and shopping to do, life is very busy. To help make your gifting season a little easier, here is a gift guide for the stylish, trendy, and always put together girl in your life. Hopefully, this will check one of your to-do boxes off the list and make the fashionista merry.

Summer Hoop Earrings

Jagger Hoop Earrings

Kate Spade Cameron Lanyard

Cuffed Beanie

Birds Eye Knit Scarf

Skylar Marquis Stone Choker


Contrasting Knit Sweater

Slip Sleep Mask

Happy shopping! And don't forget to check out 10 Gifts Under $20for some more great gift ideas.